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Astaro Secure Client 9.20

Astaro SSL Client - Secure Remote Access to Corporate Networks
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Remote access to corporate network data from any location at any time is a necessity for mobile or home workers in many businesses.
However, setting up these clients on individual PCs often becomes a huge administrative burden.

Astaro VPN clients provides flexible and easy remote access for any type of network environment and operating system with minimal administrative effort.

Astaro will provide two VPN Client applications, offering mobile workers with easy-to-manage secure remote access to corporate networks:

- Astaro Secure Client. Powerful and feature rich client for IPSec based remote access. Also includes a personal firewall for additional protection of the local client. Protects access from Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista based PCs.

- Astaro SSL Client. Easy-to-use platform independent client for transparent SSL access to all company applications. Available free of charge. Installs on Windows, Linux, MacOS and UNIX operating systems.

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